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I had a free reign in terms of the portraits, even though the weather was wet and overcast the images came out perfectly, showing the characters of the students involved in the portrait photography in Canterbury. The awards were given out to students who were inspirational to others and had also dedicated there own time to activities outside of there busy academic life. A brief run down of four of the winners is below, top to bottom to link in with the photo montage.

Fiona: For promoting sustainable practices on campus and setting-up a free shop where students can donate unwanted items for reuse by others.

Sam: For his dedication to the Caving Society: organising everything from oiling kit and risk assessments to funding bids and teaching.

Joshua: For establishing a theatre company, volunteering and for developing the confidence and creativity of local school children through youth theatre.

Gullalaii: For helping the homeless, volunteering as an English teacher, raising awareness of hate crime and supporting asylum seekers through being a birth partner.

The final portraits will be taken this week and the University will use them across the campus on billboards, websites, brochures and social media.
BLOG 2015