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I have been covering this event for five years now and today was the first time that the weather was against the event, wind, rain and not ideal for some of the open top classics that were participating. Fortunately the weather wasn't too bad, and with the idyllic setting of the Royal Parks in Greenwich as the starting point it's backdrop of trees made the day look a lot brighter then it actuall was.

Now in its 27th year the Classic motor event team are constantly improving on the number of cars taking part, with over 300 taking part today it was going to be a busy mornings photography. Pretty much anyone can take part in the event and to see vintage Rolls Royces next to Ferrris and Mazda MX5's shows the eclectic mix on display. Nice to see a rare Ferrari F50 taking part in the event.

Car photography wise it is very much a case of capturing the pre event build up of drivers and passengers arriving as they prep there cars for the journey ahead to Brighton. The key shot then is to photograph each car as it leaves the Royal Park, next to the classic car banner and then to wave them off. Lens wise the 70-200mm was used all morning, good range with the focal lengths plus the large hood protects the lens against the on off showers that occurred early on.
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