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The plan for the photography of Hayley and Dan was a late afternoon portrait session in Kings Wood, a beautiful woodlands in Challock, just outside of Ashford, Kent. The bluebells are currently out in full force and provided a carpet of colour among the trees. The time of the portraits was just after 4pm, ideally I was after the sun a little lower in the day but this was the first chance for two weeks that we were all available and also the sun was out. The portrait session in Ashford took just over an hour and with the 70-200mm zoom lens fitted I could use a variety of view points among the wash of bluebells.

The shoot was a little different to the recent automotive, architecture and education photography, and nice to cover some intimate portraits for a change. I also used some fill in flash with a speed lite on camera, usually I like to use off camera flash but in this instance due to the zoom lens I was a distance away and just wanted to add a small fill to Hayley and Dan.
BLOG 2015