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This is just a quick breakdown on the XE, the drive and location photos will take place wary next week. Jaguar has invested £2 billion in this all new XE and has built two factories which in turn has created 2,300 jobs. This car is a massive moment in the JLR companies history, the Land Rover Evoque has been a hinge success for Jaguars sister company and on the face of it from early reviews the XE will do exactly the same, only with larger volumes.

The XE looks rakish, dynamic and even in base form looks like a sporty saloon. Beneath the paint is a structure made of aluminium and, as in the BMW and Mercedes, there is a longitudinally mounted engine driving the rear wheels. Four wheel drive variants will come in due course along with estate and coupe versions, the XE as a three door seems a given especially with the BMW M3 and Audi RS models being popular.

For its first year of production, the 2.0-litre, four-cylinder, petrol XEs will use engines based on Ford's Ecoboost – but the turbodiesel versions use Jaguar's new Ingenium engines right from the start. This Ingenium family, built in a new British factory, includes petrol versions that will supplant the Ford-based units in the XE. The top of the range (for the moment) is the XE S, the 3 litre supercharged engine is the same that is found in the base F Type. The car produces 340 bhp and will hit 0-60 in 5.1 seconds, the demos will arrive early June and this is one I can't wait to drive.

The order books have been gathering pace from earlier this year with dealer allocations being fulfilled for 201. The new XE can be seen at Barretts Jaguar showrooms in Canterbury and Ashford.
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