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The guidelines for the University of Kent's photography is very precise, in the staff photographs they wanted to show genuine, engaging and inspiring photos of the subjects during there everyday routines around the campus. It was important to get a range of subjects for the photography, the photography style I adopted was very much reportage as the images had to show engagement and not necessarily posed images. Kit wise I used the 70-200mm 2.8 lens, it was vital for the grinding photo in the Univeristy workshop, having the zoom meant I was way back from any flying sparks.

The University campus in Canterbury is vast so the buildings and areas were narrowed down to get as much as possible from the half days photography shoot. The weather wasn't kind and what started off as a drizzly rain ended up getting heavier throughout the morning, the summer exterior photos of the famous with staff enjoying the views of the Cathedral will follow on another photography session. The photographs will be used for the HR departments handbooks, website and leaflets that will go out to all of the Univeristy of Kent's staff.
BLOG 2015