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There wasn't a plan for todays car photography shoot of the Porsche Cayman, friend and assistant for the trip Al arrived at Porsche Tonbridge to collect the keys from Matthew Davies, the manual (yes manual) Porsche Cayman sat proudly on the forecourt gleaming in the metallic Agate Grey, with only just 60 miles on the clock it was a afresh as it could be and I couldn't wait to drive the 2.7 litre sports car, and photograph it as well! As we set off towards Eastbourne we passed the lavish looking setting of Ashburnham Place, as is usually the case on these car photography shoots you work on the assumption that a flashy car and some publicity all round will hopefully gain you permission to use the premises as a backdrop. The general director gave us the thumbs up and after having a great lunch in the Orangery (amaretto and coffee cake a must!) we set the Cayman up against the backdrop of Ashburnham Place, vast greenery, lakes and the impressive building and woodlands gave a variety of settings to show the curves of the Porsche Cayman off. The grounds cover 220 acres and sadly we didn't have the time to explore the whole area but I would certainly add Ashburnham Place on your list for a lunch or afternoon tea, the grounds are stunning an beautifully maintained.

In terms of the car photography in East Sussex at Ashburnham Place the 50mm lens was used exclusively along with the Profoto B1 flash which Al expertly directed on to the car. The Porsche Cayman retains those iconic Porsche curves and makes lighting very easy as there are no severe lines to avoid, in fact the light just falls on to the car with ease. Bright day so ISO 100 all the way through and with the 1DX sensors recently cleaned at Canterbury Cameras ISO's p to F16 were used to get some detail throughout the frame. The last few photos were taken just off of the venues drive, a set of logs gave an alpine feel to the setting and made for some alternate images.

Just a quick mention of the Cayman, what a car, the model I drove starts from just under £40,000 for the manual version and is a great bargain, obviously once you start to spec it the price rises dramatically but this is an affordable entry in to the super car sector. To drive it is perfectly balanced and has surprisingly compliant ride, plus two boots which gave me plenty of storage for the Billingham bag full of kit and the Profoto lighting set up. It is on my list of cars for the next purchase, is it practical, yes and also marginally more economical then my BMW M135i, not as quick but then thats where the Cayman S comes in with 325 bhp and a 3.4 litre engine.

For more details on the Porsche range please contact Matthew Davies at Tonbridge Porsche Centre 01732 361222. Ashburnham Place is in Battle, East Sussex TN33 9NF and is a must for that afternoon tea and leisurely walk.
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