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Kent based greeting card company Noel Tatt supply retail outlets across the UK with a large range of greeting cards, part of this range covers photography and from time to time they will ask for particular images, either to purchase from my library or alternatively for me to photograph a particular subject. I went to Wingham Wildlfie Park, just outside of Canterbury in the Autumn last year, I took the 300mm F4 along knowing that this would be advantageous on the day for getting in nice and tight on the wildlife on display.

I did at the time send over a collection of images from the days wildlife photography but to no avail, timing is everything in this business and when I recently updated my Facebook page with the butterfly image shown the card company contacted me to purchase the photograph. This will be printed for nationwide distribution with an initial print run of 3000 cards, if its successful then a further print run will be commissioned.

Bit of technical spec on the photo, Canon 1DX with 300mm F4 lens shutter 1/400th of a second at an aperture of F4 ISO 500 over exposed by 1/3. Image stabilisation was used as well just to ensure pin sharp focusing, hence the fast shutter speed. The shallow depth of field at F4 blurs out the background to create a sea of green which makes the butterfly really stand out.
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