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The testament to how good this car is due to the fact I spent more time driving it then photographing the John Copper Works. With 231 horse power and a top speed of 153 mph this is one seriously quick car, a 0-60 time of 6.1 seconds was a little slower then I expetced but task car is all about mid range torque and the way in which it delivers it.

The car that I borrowed from Broad Oak Mini in Canterbury was in metallic black with a red roof and fin spoiler, the car also had the optional but essential chill pack which among other extras gives you the stylish 18" alloys and alcantara seating. The car on the road starts from just over £23,000 and the demonstrator that I borrowed had around £10,000 worth of extras on it. The auto box which is a six speed affair is on the initial launch models, mainly due to the demand from the U.S. which has been a massive market for the British built and classic icon. With the 2 litre twin turbo engine mated to the auto box it works really well, the up shift and down shifts are quick and responsive with a nice burble from the twin piped exhaust.

The route I took was from Canterbury to Ashford through Challoack, Wye and on my return the A251 through Boughton Aluph, these roads give a mix of uneven Tarmac with some nice sweeping bends to test the car on Britiwh roads. To my surprise even with everything set to the sports settings where the chassis and dampers were set to firm the ride was still very compliant, I was expecting it to be a bit firmer and more hardcore for this JCW version. What we have to remember now is that new models have to cater for all worldwide markets and this car will be a popular addition to the range, certainly this new version is a bit more grown up and rides like a larger hatch back, the Mini isn't so much of a Mini anymore!

The locations for the photographs were en route to Ashford and with a farm yard, woods of bluebells and an old barn providing the back drops. The interior of the JCW looks fun and quirky with some nice details enhancing the cars sporty pedigree, plenty of chequered logos. A manual version of the car will be at Broad Oak Mini soon and I will cover a more tensile shoot on the car then, I think the six speed box will match up better with the car and give even more fun to the overall driving experience.
BLOG 2015