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Todays morning photography session for Christ Church University was based at the commercial music department at the Broadstairs campus, the brief was to cover the wide range of recording and rehearsal spaces that were available on site to students. Since I was last here an array of new equipment has been installed with state of the art technology, this made for some nice detailed abstract photos. There were a number of empty interior photos required for the website and future marketing materials, with today being the last day for a number of students there was a good mix of musicians on site, this gave a good mix for the documentary style of photographs showing the facilities being used.

I decided to use two lenses today, knowing that some of the rooms were going to be quite dark and also have busy backdrops the 50mm F1.2 prime lens was ideal for the shallow depth of field I was after. The second lens was the 16-35mm wide angle zoom, great for interior photography and also at its best for the low down angles showing the students at work.
BLOG 2015