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I photographed the Smack in Whitstable for Faversham based brewery Shepherd Neame last year during the summer, since then it has a massive makeover which includes the whole interior of the pub and a beach themed beer garden. The pr photography today was to accompany a press release about the pubs new image and also for Jonathan Neame from the brewery to officially announce the opening of the public house to a full house of customers and suppliers.

The brief was to capture the atmosphere of the pub with customers enjoying the drinks and food that were on offer. I used the 16-35mm lens for the exterior and interior photographs to show the clever use of space in the Smack. The garden is really the hub of any pub business and the makeover to imitate a beach feeling is really impressive. The other public relation photographs required in the Whitstable pub were of the owner and clients along with some detailed images of the decoration inside. For the people photographs I used the 50mm lens, the wide open apertures available going up to F1.2 make the ambient light inside look warm and welcoming, ideal for this type of photography. The photographs will be used in the Master Brewer magazine, local and national press and also trade magazines.
BLOG 2015