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The 2002 range was a highly successful car for the German manufacturer and put them on the map as a company that produced performance motor vehicles. It is testimony to this car that today it still drives effortlessly with crisp gear changes and precise handling, all this with a pristine interior and supportive seats. The tii produces 130 bhp (the 1970's Golf GTI was 110) and has a top speed of 115 mph.

Rob from Broad Oak Ashford had done a recce prior to me arriving and nearby was a rape field, a sea of yellow against the golf yellow of the compact BMW sounded perfect and when we arrived along with the hybrid i3 the conditions were perfect, a subtle blu sky and the gold finish on the new car provided a good contrast. The values of 2002's are soaring as the classic car market is extremely buoyant at the moment and people are after everyday usable classics rather then just the cliched super cars of yesteryear. To photograph the car was a joy, the design is simple inside an out, lighting as ever was with the Profoto B1, just to add some fill in light against the opposite angle of the sunshine which by mid afternoon was just starting to dip.

To see the revolving heritage range of classic BMW cars please visit the Broad Oak Ashford showroom, the 2002tii currently sits next to the brand new 235i convertible and the pair together look stunning. The showroom can be found at The Boulevard,
Orbital Park, Ashford TN24 0GA or telephone 01233 500555
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