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I officially became a full time professional photographer in April 2005, ten years on and a lot has changed, not just the technology but how work is promoted through social media and the future of digital imagery is changing almost on a monthly basis.

It is difficult to pick put the key jobs that I have covered over the years so I am just going to pick out the highlights, the montage shows a mix of images from the last decade and a few of my favourite photos. Hard to believe that when I started my Canon EOS 20D with its 8 million pixel sensor was capturing the first jobs that I covered, you couldn't push it over ISO 800 without a mass of noise coming through on the picture and its 9 focusing points were very limited in there speed and accuracy. The 1DX's I use now have 61 focusing points which can be arranged for different scenarios plus the ISO can go up 51200 (up to 204800 in H2 mode), suffice to say ISO 12000 is superb, feels like cheating but this is the quality no of the sensors on offer and Canon have now produced the new 5D with 50 million pixels, file sizes far too big for most clients to deal with but as ever they now lead the pixel count over there competitors.

In terms of achievements in 2008 I was awarded the runner up for the Kent Invicta Chambers entrepreneur of the year award, this was a surreal experience as I also covered the photography for the awards ceremony. Paul from Cohesion design who won overall then asked me to photograph his winners award, I met up with hime last week and his business is going from strength to strength as well. This year also saw the release of my book "A Day in the life of Canterbury Cathedral", a year long project that had national coverage and saw Waterstone's retail the publication. The photography was documenting the characters behind the scenes and was solely in black and white. The project was featured in the photography press and also the local newspapers, plus also a feature on BBC South East news.

In 2012 I was the runner up in the Professional Photographer awards for my "Driver" photo which was in the fashion and beauty category, an awards evening at a gallery in Cheltenham featured the chosen finalists work. With over 4500 entries this was a great accolade and followed in 2014 with two London images in the top ten of the news and travel categories. A sign of the times now that the magazine is no longer in publication but has an online presence only.

Highlights for me were the Canterbury Cathedral book, two back to back super car trips to Monte Carlo in 2010 and 2011 for the Full Monte charity, celebrity photography which included Sir Michael parkinson, Terry Wogan, Charlie Boorman, David Bellamy and HRH Princess Anne, being introduced as a royal photographer still makes me smile. Rugby world cup winning star Ben Cohen's 2008 calendar and the photography of RAF pilot Charlie Brown for Spitfire ale, still one of my favourite photos to date.

The ten years have been great and to have your profession and passion as your day job is a huge privilege, loads of hard work but the rewards have been worth it. Now as we step in to the start of another decade the car photography aspect of the business is moving on in leaps and bounds. Photography courses and events at Brooklands Museum, dealership photography which includes Bentleys, Ferraris, Jaguars, Lamborghini's and Morgan sports cars as well as covering features on automotive photography for photography magazines.

A big thank you to all my clients, friends, family and followers on Facebook, twitter and other social media outlets. I'm sure the world go digital photography would have changed massively in the next decade but hope that there will still be a need for me and my fellow professionals.
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