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I was fully expecting the Lusso to be in the traditional Ferrari red, to my surprise when we went to the storage area of GTO engineering where the car was being looked after it was resplendent in British Racing Green, or pino verde to give it the Italian definition. The tan interior really set off the combination of this Ferrari Lusso 250 GT which was being auctioned by RM Sotheby's. Gus from RM appraised the car and we then set off around the rural Berkshire countryside to find a location to photograph the car in. The cars as they are worth six to seven figure sums just need to be photographed in a clean and neutral setting, with not a cloud in the sky and the temperature at 25 degrees there was no problem of lighting the car to make the paintwork stand out. We came across a nice open space to set the car up and lighting wise the Profoto B1 flash was all I needed to bivalence the bright sunshine. The addition of the light gives depth to the image and brings in some fill in flash to the underneath and wheels of the car. The brief is to capture the car from every angle possible, interior shots, engine bay and chaotic numbers plus some detail images to highlight the overall condition of the vehicle.

Once the static photos were done we headed off with one of the GTO Engineering technicians, he was in a Mini Cooper as the tracking car, Iw as in the passenger seat leaning out to capture Gus driving the Lusso, usual panning techniques of 1/125th of a second to capture the car as sharp as possible and have the motion of the wheels spinning to give the impression of speed. As you can see on the photo montage the car photography for RM Sotheby's is used on there website and the car will be for sale at Villa Erba LAke Como on the 25th May. Look forward to eyeing how much it will go through for, a seven figure sum is on the cards.
BLOG 2015