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I am a big fan of BMW's and like any other brand they put there M branding across all models, so you can have a 1.8 diesel with M badging, I think it devalues the brand slightly but if everyone else is doing it then you can't blame them for doing the same. The real M badge though is a different matter, this is across the range (the M2 coupe is out next year) and the M6 sits at the top of the German car giants performance section. It is a GT car and hard all of the creature comforts you would expect, GPS parking, full online navigation, seven speed DSG gearbox, leather wrapped around the dashboard and door interiors, its a nice place to be.

The price is an issue though, the model shown here that Broad Oak BMW in Ashford loaded me for the afternoon comes in at £116,000, more expensive then an i8 and a price of a used Ferrari or Aston, but if you want a saloon with comfort and super car performance then it is probably in a league of its own. Price isn't too much of an issue on this used one though as its under six months old with just under 3000 miles and is on the forecourt at £81,995. A real bargain and in the gorgeous metallic San Marino blue it certainly stands out, even the 20 inch alloys it sits on make the ride more comfortable then you would expect.

The car reminds me of the M4 that I borrowed in December last year, blisteringly quick and the way it gets there is within the blink of an eye, but it does it without any effort. I guess when you have driven other cars that are more full on you expect the same kind of drama with 552 BHP. I think the M6 caters for all markets though, it is supremely comfortable and has the performance on tap if you need it. If I was to drive down to Monaco this would be the choice, economy may not be on the M6's best asset with BMW claiming 28.5 mpg overall (think 18mpg) but if you can afford nearly £100k then a few extra fuel stops won't worry you too much.

The car photography took place in Folkestone Kent, the large harbour car park was just a stop off for me and friend Al (lunch at the smokehouse recommended) but with a large container with the graphics International Racing Team we found a perfect setting. Some panning photographs were then taken en route back to the Ashford dealership.

As mentioned above this very car is on sale now for £81,995, more information can be found at Broad Oak BMW in Ashford, Kent 01223 500555
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