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Angela is a motoring enthusiast and has taken part in the classic Mille Miglia race in Italy, the car for this event that she drove last year was a 1954 AC Ace, due to the rarity of the car it was eligible to take part in the event. Angela is part of AC Heritage which is based at the top of test hill at Brooklands Museum and this was the location that I wanted to use for the portraits.

Angela's Morgan Roadster was purchased from Brands Hatch Morgan in 2008 and is a two tone finish, resplendent in Ivory and Spice it looks stunning and I have never seen one in this colour. The Ford 3 litre 24 valve engine produces 220 bhp and in the lightweight hand built sports car certainly gives it some dynamic and lively driving experiences. Angela and her husband use the car frequently and have taken it on track days at Goodwood, Castle Coombe as well as holidays in France and on car rallies over Europe.

Due to Angela's motor sport driving I wanted to link these in with the Morgan, hence the use of Test Hill and her racing attire. The addition of the marshals red flag added a subtle use of colour in to one of the portraits. The early morning sun was very bright so I added some fill in flash just to balance the overall image.
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