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The weather for the family photography at Brooklands in Weybridge could not have been more perfect, 18 degrees with sunshine throughout the day, this was ideal for the photos as they will be used to promote the Summer marketing campaign at the museum. A timetable had been set where the ten families involved had been split in to two groups, this made the photography easier and allowed more scope for some natural photographs. The museum has an education centre which was the first port of call, then it was off to the aircraft hangar which is home to the impressive Wellington bomber and other historic aircraft from World War one and Two. After lunch it was a tour around Concorde and then some driving attractions, the Formula 1 simulator was one of these. Test hill ended the days photography session at Brooklands, families were taken up the steep 45 degree angled hill and then finished off along the historic banking and back to the paddock.

The family photographs will be used by the marketing team at Brooklands for a wealth of print and social media use. In terms of equipment I used two cameras, one with the ever dependable 70-200mm lens, perfect for this bright weather, and in addition the 16-35mm lens which allowed for some wide angles in the hangar and also outside in the paddock when the Napier Railton made an appearance.
BLOG 2015