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I was handed the keys to the new dark blue metallic Macan Turbo on a crisp but overcoats afternoon, the car had been collected by yeh client last week and as mentioned before an eighteen month waiting list on the petrol model makes this a rare car. The majority of customers were expected to opt for the diesel engine, which in itself is still lively with its 258bhp engine. The Macan Turbo is in a slightly different league though, for a car that weights two tonnes and to produce 400bhp with a 0-60 time of 4.8 seconds is pretty impressive. The model shown had a wealth of extras, these included the air suspension, sports exhaust and the impressive Burmester hi if package. Ride comfort is superb and with the boot commanding plenty of load space this really is an all round performance and family car.

On that last note it's interesting to see that in last months EVO car magazine they done a head to head with the Macan turbo against the BMW M3, the German rivals super saloon has always been the perfect match of practicality and super car performance. The Macan came close to beating the Beemer but it was still felt that the saloon had the better road holding and handling, I have a feeling that in due course Porwche will bring out an even more extreme version of the Turbo, now that will be interesting!

To photograph the Macan was a joy, big 20" wheels, embossed head restraints with the Porsche logo, quad exhausts and the deep blue metallic paint work all added to a set of moody and dramatic car photos. The location was an industrial estate just outside of Canterbury, the orchards, pylons and outbuildings made for some urban backdrops which really made the car stand out. Kit wise I used the 70-200mm with an off camera speed lite, the zoom is the perfect lens for car photography and also allows you to minimise reflections, especially again at dark metallics. I also used the 15mm fisheye lens on the 6D, haven't used this for ages and had some great fun with it, I felt that with the characterful front of the Macan that the distortion would add to the dramatic looks of it even more.
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