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I have been covering a mix of photography courses at Brooklands for four years now and there are always new faces taking part on the course, as well as some stunning new cars as well. I had four photographers on todays course, Nick and Graham had already attended previous workshops and were keen to take part in another days car photography training. We had ten cars to photograph, a real mixture this time around as well, BMW track car, Aston Martin Vantage N420, Jag F Type, Morgan Plus 4, 356 Porsches and 911's, Corvette and an MG Midget. The setting at Brooklands is covered with great backdrops in which to place the cars in, aircraft including the iconic Concorde, classic garages along with the historic banking and bridge which always sets the cars off, especially against the rich blue sky that we had as a backdrop mid afternoon.

The key to the courses is for everybody to come away with a set of car photographs that can't be taken on any normal day at Brooklands or indeed any other car event, having the museum as a large playground adds a real variety for the images taken. All four photographers were using Canon cameras and a variety of wide angle and telephoto lenses. We also used polarising filters to minimise reflections, this was key on the stunning black Aston N420 which was resplendent with touches of carbon fibre. The next car photography course takes place on Sunday June 7th and will be themed around the Best of British, including Aston Martins and Jaguars to photograph. More details can be found under the training section of the website.
BLOG 2015