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It is always worthwhile having a plan B whether it is a shoot that has been commissioned or a photography course, with this in mind and not really utilising the interior of the Brooklands museum before I decided to take advantage of the bad weather and use the newly refurbished stratosphere chamber at Brooklands as the backdrop for todays fashion photography course. Peter, Tony, Matthew and Tess all came along with their cameras, reflectors and tripods to take full advantage of this great backdrop. The lighting was in places quite poor so reflectors and flash lights were used to enhance the light falling on to the models. Their are endless possibilities within the museum and as well as the chamber the office and various galleries were used to great effect. The photographers really used their SLR's to great effect with a lot of exposure and ISO adjustments being made throughout the course. Models Abbie and Chloe created a range of poses against the variety of Brooklands Museum's garages, hangars and other exteriors as the weather dried up mid afternoon.

I have just posted some new dates for next years courses for early 2015. The dates can be found under the Training section of the website. The next fashion photography course takes place at Brooklands on Sunday 3rd May 2015, the price is £150 and includes lunch and refreshments. Gift vouchers can also be purchased.
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