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The evenings music was dedicated to Haydn's Creation as well as excess from Beethoven and Vivaldi's master pieces. Also the evening included solo performances from St Edmund's talented young musicians who showed off there skills with violin and trumpet solos. After the interval the last part of the musical extravaganza centred around Franz Joseph Haydn's Creation and the full school choir performed along side the musicians of St Edmund's. Also performing were acclaimed soprano and tenors Catherine Futcher, Greg Tassell and Dominic Bowe.

Due to the choir being in attendance the musicians were further forward then normal so photography was limited, the big advantage was that the soloists were right in front of me, so the 70-200mm lens was being used at the lower end of the scale, providing some nice close up images. I did move to the other side of the Cathedral as well just to give another vantage point and also to show the audience in the foreground. Lighting as usual was warm and subdued in places so ISO was set at 2500, this also gave me a range of shutter speeds between 1/125 to 1/250, on occasion I under exposed just to retain the highlights on the choir.
BLOG 2015