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Todays photography was highlighting on three different areas, sports, hairdressing and some portraits of two students for the front cover of a new brochure which is to be designed and printed by the end of this month. East Kent College is also linking up with the school and its sixth form and will also be using a range of photos for future marketing use as it now has the Folkestone campus in its portfolio.

The brief was to capture a mix of sports photography, this included badminton, football as well as some “hero” portraits which could be used for cover shots and banners to promote Pent Valley School. After some active photos it was a short drive down to the coast and to photograph two students for the brochure cover, the Leas in Folkestone is a hidden gem as it has a path that leads down to the rich blue sea and park. The backdrops were varied and gave a variety for the school to use across various media.

Last stop was to the hair salon which is just a short walk from the school, this is open to the public and gives the students a real opportunity to experience a business with real clients. I used the 70-200mm for all of the portraits today, also with some on and off camera flash to light the subjects against a strong early morning sun.
BLOG 2015