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I last came to the Geneva car show three years ago, the Honda NSX was in prototype form then with a glimmer of hope that the Japanese car giant might revitalise the super car of the mid nineties. Today it was on display in a rich metallic red with orders already being taken weeks ago when the dealer network were told to take deposits for 2016 deliveries. The car is pitted in the BMW i8 category with its petrol/hybrid set up, the figures of £150,000 though might put it in to a different territory as it is in McLaren and Ferrari and £50,000 more expensive then the 911 and R8 "budget" super cars, I am sure it will sell out though as Honda are only making small numbers for the worldwide market.

2015 is the year of the hot hatch, and on display making its world debut was the 363bhp Audi RS3, it faces stiff competition as the Focus RS was on display and will be four wheel drive as well. Honda also had the new Civiv Type R on display, with just over 300bhp and a top speed of 167mph this will be the fastest front wheel drive car in production, the look certainly isn't sedate and it will appear to the younger generation. I will post a separate hot hatch section as 300bhp plus is seeming to be the standard now and with Audi, BMW, Ford, Honda and Mercedes all pushing above this power output these are seriously quick cars.

For me the stand out car of the show was the Ford GT, a replacement for the GT40 that came out around a decade ago, it trumped Honda a few weeks ago in the US when they done the official unveiling of the NSX, no one had an idea of where it came from and from its looks and spec it will be a seriously quick super car, rumoured to be near the £200,000 mark, again small numbers will mean that the order books will be full up pretty quickly. Always nice to see concept cars and one that drew my attention was the Bentley EXP-10, resplendent in a pearlescent British Racing Green it looked stunning and a worthy replacement for the Continental GT.

Just a note on camera equipment for the show, travelled light with the full frame Canon EOS 6D and 16-35mm lens, this gave great scope and flexibility for the cars on show. The richness of the couplers from the RAW files of the 6D is really impressive, it also coped with a mixture of lighting to provide realistic colours of the cars on display. Look forward to next years car photography at the Geneva Motor Show in Switzerland.
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