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I had been booked in to cover some of the weekends sports photography at the Christ Church University sporting facilities, along with covering badminton, basketball and netball photography the sports department were also after some up to date photos of the state of the art facilities that they have to offer at the campus.

It was quite an easy decision in terms of camera gear to bring along today, two cameras with the 16-35mm lens and 70-200mm fitted. As I would be court side I knew that I would be close enough to the action to cover the sports photography in the arena. The wide lens worked well especially for the side shots at badminton and Laos for the basketball just behind the basket, the fast pace of the men's game made for some great action photos.

The 1DX has a great array of tracking facilities which can be set up for a wealth of different scenarios, one of these modes allows the camera to focus just on the subject, regardless of any obstruction that may get in the way, always maintaining focus on the primary athlete. Settings were pushed on the ISO range between 2000-4000 to work around suitable shutter speeds, I wanted to maintain an aperture of F4 to retain sharpness on the subject and this gave me shutter speeds in excess of 1/250th, some would be sharp and some would introduce the element of movement which I ways like to have in sports photos. The images will be used across the Canterbury Christ Church website, prospectus and social media outlets.
BLOG 2015