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The location photography took place in the villages of Boughton and Dunkirk, the new luxury properties will be set in a small close which sits between the two rural locations. The developer was after some stock imagery that could be used for the brochure that would accompany the drawings of the properties, setting the scene for prospective buyers to get a taste for the countryside locations. I had a brief which was to capture certain photographs, these included Boughton golf club, Mount Ephraim Gardens, the local public houses and other generic images including wide landscape photographs of the area.

The property photography in Boughton, Kent will come at a later date but with only a handful of properties and the picturesque location I would not expect the homes to be around too long. I used two cameras, 24-70mm and 70-200mm lenses fitted respectively, the longer zoom came in handy for the landscape images were I could crop in tighter on the buildings, it also worked well for the farm animal photos. Just have a few more images to take for the project which will be down to the weather and some early morning sunshine.
BLOG 2015