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The BMW 2 series active tourer is a first for the German car marque due to the front wheel drive configuration, the purist is unsure of the manufacturers direction with this car as it goes against the grain in terms of the "ultimate driving machine". From my point of view t is a car that families are going to purchase, spacious, comfortable, economical and the higher seating position gives you a safer feeling whilst carting around the family. I don't see this car being thrashed around country lanes on a Sunday morning or being taken on track days, BMW have enough great cars for this and by introducing the Active Tourer it fills a gap in the market that Citroen and Renault have been doing very well out of with there Picasso and Scenic models, so why not a prestigious marque version?

The car I was driving was kindly leant to me by Broad Oak BMW in Ashford, the specification being a demonstrator was quite high, panoramic roof, navigation, full leather, sport automatic transmission, sport 18" alloys plus a host of other creature comforts. I drove the car down to West Sussex to meet up with Dan Norris who is the editor of BMW magazine Straight Six, he is going a review of the car for the magazine and the location was ideal for the car photography. Lingfield race course was my first stop, it was a busy race day but beofe the main entrance I noticed a tunnel, after getting the all clear I set up the Profoto B1 flash and used the corrugated tunnel to frame the active tourer. As the afternoon went by the heavens opened and the location of the Ashdown Forest provided some nice panning photo opportunities.

I own a BMW so the front wheel drive did seem unfamiliar but as mentioned above it isn't a sports car, BMW to my mind have designed a practical and comfortable car that will fit most family needs and in the process will bring more people in to the brand. That way you can have a Z4 for the weekend and the active for everyday use. Looking forward to reading Dan's write up on the car in the forthcoming edition of Straight Six magazine along with my car photography.
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