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As the brewery is just a short walk down the road from the Anchor pub it was the ideal place for todays photography, a busy afternoon service and a real mix of people enjoying the atmosphere made for a real mix of great looking photographs. The images will be used to promote the re branding of Master Brewer and will be used on the brewery website, social media and various press outlets. Once the shoot came to an end I was then asked by the Master Brew brand manager to take a variety of product photos of the ale.

The usual bar and pump photos were taken and then a short walk in to the pubs restaurant showed an anchor with a rope, this provided a great setting for a really atmospheric photo of the pint. Light was perfect seeping through a nearby window, with the late afternoon sun dipping it provided a warm glow to the ale and a great shadow of the anchors chain on to the back wall. The photo was under exposed by one stop, just to retain the contrast and to keep the shadows dark to give more emphasis to the ale. All of the photos today were taken with the 50mm 1.2 lens, great for this style of photography and the wide open apertures between 1.6 and 2.5 created some warm and atmospheric photos.
BLOG 2015