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The theme of the Morgan owners portraits is to tie in the drivers background and job/hobby which is unusual, linking in with the iconic British sports car brand and its diverse range of customers. The second portrait was with Peter who has had top ten success in the swinging sixties with Nashville Teens, they done a cover of John D.Loudermilk's "Tobacco Road", the song reached number 6 and had the Beatles and the Rolling Stones above them in the Top 10.

Peter has owned the car since 2000 and after waiting for nearly two years for the car was informed by Brands Hatch Morgan of a new car that had just been sold back to them by a customer, with only 600 miles on it and the colour and specification that Peter was after he snapped the car up. The idea of doing the shoot in the workshop of Brands Hatch Morgan was due to the fact that Peter is in a band with some of the dealerships employees and they practice in the garage after hours. I decided to use just one single light in the form of the Profoto B1, it created a moody stance to Peter's poses. Also I was able to use the zoom reflector to just light the subject and closing down the background so that Peter was highlighted more. The Rayban shades made an appearance as well, recreating Peter's youth. Don't worry the photo showing the rock star launching his guitar at the car was a frozen moment and no Morgan's were harmed in the making of these photos.
BLOG 2015