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It is always good to see photography exhibitions, especially when it is from one of the most diverse and original fashion photographers that has ever lived. I saw David Bailey's Stardust last year at the National Portrait Gallery and that gave a real insight in to his work, especially the more intimate family photos. Bourdin's work centred more on his iconic fashion photos, especially his iconic shoe photos. His work was centred on selling clothing, beauty and accessories, with his unconventional style and storytelling it really made a stir in the fashion world. Seeing the breadth of his work in one exhibition is very inspiring, some of it works for me and other images are a little surreal!

The exhibition also features a selection of paintings, working drawings, sketches and notebooks, not seen in the UK before, which inform his approach as an compositional image-maker and meticulous draughtsman. A highlight is the ‘Walking Legs’ series - a campaign commissioned by Charles Jourdan in 1979 exhibited in its entirety for the first time with a yet unseen accompanying fashion film. The venue of Somerset House is a great space for Bourdin's work and you can see this fashion photographers work until the 15th March 2015.
BLOG 2015