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As with any property photography you want the best of both worlds, clear blue skies with maybe the odd fluffy cloud in the sky but without any harsh sunlight coming in creating strong shadows and unavoidable burnt out highlights through the windows. Today we are in the midst of Winter so pretty uninspiring outside but perfect inside for the the home interior photography. Tripod, 16-35mm lens and aperture at F14. These settings with a low ISO create a nice clean and detailed set of photographs, due to the longer exposure you also get a little starburst in the lighting which just adds to the effect. I always shoot a little low down, especially when shooting at the widest setting as this minimises any distortion and converging lines.

The property is between Herne and Canterbury so ideal for visiting students parents, holiday makers and business people as the apartment is completely self contained with kitchen, double bedroom which looks out on to some gorgeous Kent countryside and a bath and shower room. Derek and Linda gave some great feedback on the photos as well. "We are both absolutely delighted with these pics. It looks amazing and would even consider staying here! Thanks again for everything."
BLOG 2015