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The last few years the student portraits that have been used for the prospectus front covers have been taken in a studio style environment, this year the background was the key element to the full length portraits. A variety of different locations were used, on various university sites and also in the town centre of Canterbury. This time of year the weather is very inconsistent which meant that the lighting for each portrait had to be consistent, with this in mind the majority of the outside images were taken using a reflector to balance the light and interior photographs were taken with an off camera speed lite, this gave a much needed lift to the interior photos making the student and backdrop bright and clear.

Kit wise I used the 50mm 1.2 lens, the perspective of each student had to be the same as the montage would have them lined up against each other, hence the lighting being the same, also with the 50mm lens I would be sticking to one focal length. The cover photos will be put in to the final design soon with the brochure going to print early February, also the images will be used for other promotional use across the universities printed and on line media.
BLOG 2015