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Their were three parts to the wedding, preparation photographs at Sam's home, these were covered with the 50mm 1.2 lens. The prime 50mm is ideal for these documentary photos and retail shots and with the wide open aperture creates some dreamy style images. Afterwards it was a short drive to the registry office in Canterbury where the ceremony was taking place, second camera with the 70-200mm lens was now up and running, great for those candid images as well as group and single portraits. I used F4 for the majority of the outside photos and then switched to 2.8 for the interior photos, the 1DX and lens are so easy to use in difficult lighting conditions with the focus spot on all the time.

Once the formal part of the day was over their was just a short walk to Cafe Du Soleil restaurant where the wedding meal was taking place, back to the 50mm lens as the lighting was subdued to create a warm atmosphere as the weather started to get colder outside. I really enjoyed using the 50mm in this scenario as usually the 135mm would be on the end of the camera, great for tight shots but the 50mm gave me a lot more scope to get more coverage in each of the photos. The weather, venues and Andy and Sam's friends and family made it a really enjoyable day for the wedding photography in Canterbury, also Cafe Du Soleil was perfect for the reception, food is great as well.
BLOG 2015