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The second Canon 1Dx when charged with a genuine Canon battery sometimes fails when switched on. When switching the power switch it will start as normal for the first second or so and then it totally shuts off. It is then completely dead to all button pressing and even switching it off and back on again. If you remove the battery completely it usually clears it and it will switch on as normal. This fault happens every 1 in 10 or so times. I have two genuine Canon batteries, tried them both and the camera still fails so it seems to suggest its the camera and not the batteries. I am usually stubborn when it comes to admitting their is a fault with anything electrical, so therefore persevered with it for a few weeks until the fault was occurring all the time. It did not matter which battery was used, I have another 1Dx and a Fuji 100S so it wasn't the end of the world to send it away for a few days. Obviously the 1DX isn't a cheap camera to insure by a courier and the cheapest quote I came across was £125, so after contacting the staff at Fixation in London who are an authorised Canon repairer I took a trip up to London in early December. I am a Platinum member of the Canon Pro Services network which means that if the fault is not rectified within two days a replacement loan camera will be sent to me. No need to worry as the 1DX was dropped off at Fixation on the Tuesday morning and returned back to me Friday morning, by courier.

The fault it would appear is with a circuit board housed within the battery compartment, after a bit of digging around on line it would appear this fault is more of an issue in the US and the part number of the circuit board replacement : PCB ASS'Y, FP part#CG2-3143-000 is the solution to the problem. The camera has been working fine since the repair and Fixation also cleaned the sensor on the 1DX for me as well, great service and reassuring to know that the CPS lives up to its guarantees.
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