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My first portrait was of Alastair Gordon and his wife Diana. We met during one of my photography courses that Alastair attended at Brands Hatch Morgan and I discussed the idea of the project, Alastair and his wife are volunteers at Chartwell House, the home of Winston Churchill, and with them both being gardeners the cogs started whirring away with some ideas. The top image of Alastair with the chainsaw made a contrast to the posed photo of the couple with the Mog in the background, my idea is to make these portraits a bit quirky.

Alastair's Morgan is a 1999 4/4 lowlife with an 1800cc Ford Zetec engine, resplendent in British Racing Green. The Morgan was chosen due to its classic car looks and modern reliability, plus Brands Hatch Morgan is just a ten minute drive from the Gordon's home in West Kent. I asked Alastair about his time at Chartwell: "I have volunteered at Chartwell for over 6 years and Di for 6 months, I do Mondays and Wednesdays, she does Thursdays, so we don’t get in each others’ way! Di concentrates on the Kitchen Garden, harvesting fruit and veg in summer, all sorts of tidying up in winter. I do a bit of everything, from mowing and tractor driving to planting and pruning all over the property and in the woodlands, as well as leading garden tours in the spring, summer and autumn. The garden team are a fantastic bunch and a real pleasure to work with. A few of us usually end up in the pub after work on a Wednesday – gardening is thirsty work!"

Really looking forward to getting stuck in to this project, if you have a Morgan or know of anyone who owns a Moggy then place contact me.
BLOG 2015