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I have picked a car from each month in this montage, their are a few omissions, namely the stunning Jaguar F Type Coupe, but I figure that this deserves a column of its own, it not only looks one of the most stunning cars on the market at the moment but the car keeps receiving accolades from across the world. This year sees AWD fitted to the 5 litre V8 plus a manual gear box, this will bring the entry level 3 litre V6 in at just under £50,000. When every other manufacturer seems to be going for the flappy paddle options Jaguar are still looking after the enthusiast who wants to heel and toe!

Just a quick mention of each car shown, January was a great way to start the month with a drive of the Morgan Plus 8, a wooden chassis with a BMW 4.4 litre V8 engine pushing out 370 BHP, the damp conditions only made to show what a hoot this car is, at £90,000 it isn't cheap but surely a great alternative to the Ferrari and Aston's that are becoming more and more common. The new Range Rover Sport came out early in 2014 and was just as good to drive as its bigger brother, also in metallic black it looked menacing and the winter woodlands setting was perfect for this sinister looking four wheel drive icon. Civic Tourer in Margate, Mini Cooper S in Dungeness on a fashion shoot and the new Citroen Cactus at the University of Kent were the more mainstream end of the market, the french Cactus in particular had taken everyone by surprise, quirky looks, spacious cabin and great to drive. A car for everyone, although those large air bubbles may not be to every bodies tastes.

Halfway through the year and a private clients collection of cars which came to around £1.2 million were photographed in the grounds of his home, the star for me was the Porsche Carrera GT, with the 911 in the background and lit by the Profoto B1 (my purchase of the year, bringing real life to my automotive photography) they really stood out. Although the Aventaor, 458 Spider, and RS6 still looked amazing! The London to Brighton GE Classics set off from Greenwich Park in the Summer, the Cadillac driving off on a crisp summers morning in to the sunrise in to an epic road trip was my shot of the month. Land Rover have many companies who upgrade the Defender, with this car going out of production and making way for the all new Defender next year Bowler have made an iconic car in to an off road hot hatch, 180 BHP from its torquey diesel engine, mono steering wheel and recaro seats give this £50,000 car a real rally styling and feel to it with its go anywhere attitude.

The year ended off with the BMW i8 coming out, I saw this in Geneva three years ago in its prototype guise and no one expected BMW to bring out this stunning looking futuristic car with super car credentials and 134 MPG with its hybrid technology, plus the press couldn't believe how well it performed as well. Motor Sport day at Brooklands, new demonstrators to photograph for Brands Hatch Morgan and Decembers last car shoot of the year in the new BMW M4 made 2014 an epic year for car photography, this year Mercedes GT, Honda Civic Type R, Jaguar F Type 4WD, Land Rover Discovery Sport, Audi RS3, BMW M2 and plenty more on offer, including the Honda NSX! Watch this space for photographs of these new cars.
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