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Their were a great variety of original and replica cars on display today, three wheelers, open tops, super cars and an array of weird and wonderful. Brooklands will use the photographs on the web and for motoring publications. The 50mm 1.2 lens and 16-35mm lenses were used to cover some wide and cropped images from the event, with the shallow depth of field of the prime 50mm it cut down the focus on the sky and backgrounds as it was a very grey and overcast day. The variety of focal lengths came in handy for candids of people enjoying the day in general and with a lot of families out for the day their were a nice cross section of ages, the total for the day was in excess of 4500 visitors and over 1300 cars and bikes. Their were a lot of photographers about and it was good to meet up with a few who had attended my car photography courses last year, more details can be found on these exclusive courses at Brooklands under my training pages. The next course takes place on Sunday15th March which is fashion and cars, gift vouchers are also available for the photography courses.
BLOG 2015